Roasting Works - expansion and growth!

After lots of hard work, dreaming and incredible generosity - here we are - beginning expansion for our Roasting Works and shop space, ready to take it to the next level!

Ever since we began, we’ve been roasting small batches, just 5-6 lbs at a time. Thanks to incredible support from this community, we’ve now reached our maximum capacity with our current space and roaster (we're roasting an average of 1,500 lbs per month)!

We’ve had to avoid growing our subscriptions for those of you who want Twenty Below beans in your home, office, business, school - we just didn’t have the capacity for it. This changes that. At 22 lbs per batch with this new machine, our capacity increases by 300%, and we’re ready to go. So if you want our coffee delivered or shipped to your door, cafeteria, coffee shop, or break room - we’re ready!

We couldn’t have done this alone. Thanks to some of our biggest fans, the “Coffee for Life” crew has expanded and we've generated $21,250 for this project in the last month! In exchange for their financial support, these wonderful people receive coffee for life (in-store), enabling us to take Twenty Below to the next level of growth (if this strikes you as interesting, email us for more info).

To accommodate our growing Roasting Works, we’re beginning re-construction on the back store space, opening up the current roasting and kitchen area with half-walls. We also will be turning our back storage room (down the hallway) into a customer seating space, which will make up for the seats lost in the main shop area. We are working hard to keep our store functional during this transition, with the coffee flowing and the baked goods fresh.

Thank you all for the ongoing support that makes this community and business possible, we never could have imagined such a whirlwind journey these past 2 years have been, and we’re so excited for what’s next!

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