Ethiopia Heirloom - Abana Estate Natural Process 2020 - African Single Origin

Origin Ethiopia
Region Gera, Limmu
Farm Abana Estate
Heirloom (Metu Bishari, Gera, and Merdacheriko)
Altitude 1933–2200 masl
Proc. Method Natural (Dried on raised beds)
Harvest Schedule
Oct 2019 - Jan 2020


For years we have searched for a coffee like this -- a bright and juicy burst of fruit in the cup paired with a committed producer partnership. To accomplish it, we have come alongside our friends at Abana Estate, the farm responsible for raising this bean. The perfect growing conditions, expert care, and minimal processing in Ethiopia meet us here in Fargo, where we roast with a deep respect for the farmers who grew it. Happy SIpping!