Ethiopia Limu - African Single Origin
Ethiopia Limu - African Single Origin

Ethiopia Limu - African Single Origin

Origin Ethiopia
Region Cheffe Elfeta, Limu Kosa, Oromia, Djimma
Variety Heirloom Ethiopian varieties
Altitude 1750–1850 masl
Proc. Method Natural
Harvest Schedule October–November

From our importers at Cafe Imports:

This single-estate coffee comes from the Limu Kosa district in the Djimma zone, which is in the western area of Ethiopia. The 220-hectare farm is owned and operated by Ashebir Gosayei, who tends to 2,858 trees per hectare on the land, most of which is dedicated to growing coffee. (There is also chat and corn grown on the property.) Ashebir Gosayei has owned this farm since 2008, and it was 160 hectares in area to begin. The first coffee production was in 2012, and now the property has grown to more than 200 hectares.

"Coffee is my life," Ashebir Gosayei says. "I invested all that I have in coffee farms, I am passionate in producing coffee."

Coffee cherry is picked ripe starting in October, and laid out to dry completely on raised beds 1 meter off the ground; they are wire mesh, which allows air to circulate more evenly around the coffee while it dries, a process taking between 8–10 days depending on the weather.

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