Hario Technica Syphon
Hario Technica Syphon
Hario Technica Syphon

Hario Technica Syphon

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Coffee syphons have been used for hundreds of years. Hario has taken a classic and historic device and elevated it with a modern design and quality materials. The Technica Syphon is widely recognized for Hario's signature heatproof glass, clean lines and iconic look. 

How does it work?
This syphon is supported by a metal and resin stand that holds the brewer over an open flame or halogen burner.  The water in the lower bowl heats up and pressure builds causing the water to rise up to the top chamber.  Coffee is brewed in the top bowl and when desired extraction is achieved, the heat source is removed and the coffee filters back into the bottom bowl, leaving a clean balanced cup.

Item Number: TCA-5  
Size: W160×D110×H360mm
Capacity: 600ml 

Upper Bowl, Lower Bowl: Heatproof Glass
Packing: Silicone Rubber
Fastener: Brass
Stand: Stainless Steel, Iron, Zinc Alloy, Phenol Resin
Burner Cover, Filter: Stainless Steel
Windbreak: Aluminum
Alcohol Lamp Holder, Cover and Upper Bowl Stand, Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene
*Alcohol not included

Made in Japan

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