Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate AA Peaberry - Indonesian Single Origin



Origin Papua New Guinea
Region Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands
Farm Sigri Estate
Variety Peaberry
Altitude 1550–1600 masl
Proc. Method Kula Process (raised beds, 2 color sorts, 2 hand sorts)


This coffee has so much going for it -- Flavor, transparency in the supply chain, and unparalleled social initiatives. We're excited to work with Benchmark Coffee Traders and Sigri Estate to bring it to you.


This is one of the cleanest Indonesian coffees that we have ever had the pleasure of roasting. Previously our standard for bringing a coffee into our line-up from Java, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Sulawesi, etc. was how much we could cope with the "funk". By funk, we mean that we often taste an overwhelming earthiness, green pepper, and/or tomato flavor coming from these coffees. Not so with this coffee from Sigri Estate. This farm puts so much effort into processing their coffee that they have coined the term "Kula" for the process. They dry the coffees on raised beds, do 2 rounds of color sorting, and then 2 rounds of hand sorting. This all adds up to one of the cleanest Indonesian coffees on the market today.


We connected with a guy named Vikram Patel who lives in The U.S. and coordinates importing coffee from a farm his family owns, Sigri Estate, in Papua New Guinea. This means rather than the coffee going from Farmer -> Cherry Buyer -> Miller -> Exporter -> Importer -> Twenty Below, it goes from Sigri Estate -> Vikram -> Twenty Below. We hope that this will be the beginning of a long relationship with Vikram and his family where we can give feedback that will affect the way they care for, harvest, and process their coffee in years to come. Another benefit of cutting steps out of the production chain is that this coffee, a really tasty microlot, can be purchased for a price similar to lower quality Indonesian coffees that we have purchased in the past AND the farmer and community benefits more from it.

Social Initiatives: 

Sigri Estate runs an incredible social program that benefits thousands of pickers throughout the year. The following are maintained year-round:

  • Free housing for all pickers
  • Free schooling for children
  • Free healthcare
  • Free AIDS educational programs and testing

The estate is one of the main employers and economic contributors for the entire region

In addition to this, a core element of Benchmark’s mission is to use coffee as a medium to help people. They do so in the following ways:

  • Benchmark has committed to an annual donation to fund text books for the three schools that are owned and operated by its producer-partners in Papua New Guinea
  • Benchmark pays the estate directly for coffee. Direct payment ensures an ability to track your dollars and ensure that purchases directly support actual coffee production and estate social programs, not premiums for unnecessary intermediaries