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SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE - Any of our coffees are available for a one-time purchase, but by subscribing you get them at a discounted rate and nobody is left wondering who drank the last of the coffee without telling you about it
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A subscription can feel like a big commitment

We make it easy to pause, skip, add, swap, or cancel at any time.

Consider the benefits:

Freshness: We schedule our subscription shipments around our roasting and prioritize them as the freshest orders we ship out.

Savings: By signing up for a subscription, you automatically get a 10% discount off of the normal bean price. Double down on savings by signing up for our "Cozy Sips" Rewards program too!

Service: We are at your disposal. Morning brew tasting funky? We can help you get it tasting great. Can't figure out where to adjust your address when you move or need to pause a week while your on vacation? Let us help. Looking to improve your setup at home? We can point you in the right direction.

Guaranteed: If for any reason you don't totally love your subscription experience, we'll do whatever we can to make it right.