Ethiopia Abana Estate Washed - African Single Origin

Origin Ethiopia
Region Gera, Limmu
Farm Abana Estate
Heirloom (Metu Bishari, Gera, and Merdacheriko)
Altitude 1933–2200 masl
Proc. Method Washed
Harvest Schedule October '17 - January '18


This is the first coffee in our new relationship with Abana Estate. It is an easy going natural processed coffee that is very smooth, sweet, and slightly fruity. As their next harvest finishes up in January of '19, we hope to bring in even more exciting coffees from them, including other Naturals and Honey processed coffees.

Abana’s harvest can be traced to specific varieties and there are many unique and wild coffees included. These beans are hand sorted multiple times and processed immaculately. Limmu is a coffee region in Southwestern Ethiopia that produces coffees with distinct flavors that are intense, complex and highly aromatic.
Abana translates to "our fathers" (Arabic). The estate values the deep roots and rich heritage of the arabica coffee that traces its roots to the heart of Ethiopia.
They believe that working to produce the best specialty coffee is as fundamentally important as the positive impact they make in the community.
Abana has committed to:
  • Demonstrating sustainable business practices by paying fair wages and respecting all partners. At the end of each season, all full-time laborers receive an additional 1 month's worth of wages as a bonus and Abana pays for continued education.
  • Implementing coffee education and training on picking, sorting, and different processing methods to improve quality. Focusing on the environment by utilizing water efficient machinery and preserving the beautiful forest in which they work
  • Carrying out impactful social programs including facilitating medical projects and investing in infrastructure. Two examples of this include free cataract surgery and dental procedures.