Colombia Tolima - Latin American Single Origin
Colombia Tolima - Latin American Single Origin

Colombia Tolima - Latin American Single Origin

Origin Colombia
Region Tolima
Farm Multiple Producers
Variety Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude 1600-2000 masl
Proc. Method Washed


From our Importer, Cafe Imports:

This Fairtrade, Organic offering comes to us from NASA WESX - ASCISP, an association consisting of 65 coffee producing families. Located in Tolima's municipality of Planadas, the members live in four main villages: San Pedro, La Bella, El Jordán, and Altamira. In general, the average farm size is between two and four hectares with an average of 10,000 trees per farm. Coffee is harvested at full ripeness, depulped promptly on the same day, fermented dry for an average period of 30-36 hours, then placed on African beds, casa elbas, or patios for an average drying period of 12-18 days.

The idea of the association started in 2011 when a few curious producers visited an indigenous group from Cauca (Juan Tama). They were inspired by the group and saw that they could achieve a similar goal in terms of producing coffee in a community scenario. They started out with 12 members that were very committed to improving their coffee production practices. Their biggest challenge was to find a place in the international specialty coffee market, but thanks the quality they have achieved, they have made this possible for themselves!