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Roasting Works - expansion and growth!

After lots of hard work, dreaming and incredible generosity - here we are - beginning expansion for our Roasting Works and shop space, ready to take it to the next level! Ever since we began, we’ve been roasting small batches, just 5-6 lbs at a time. Thanks to incredible support from this community, we’ve now reached our maximum capacity with our current space and roaster (we're roasting an average of 1,500 lbs per month)! We’ve had to avoid growing our subscriptions for those of you who want Twenty Below beans in your home, office, business, school - we just didn’t have the capacity for it. This changes that. At 22 lbs per batch with this new machine, our capacity increases by...

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Intro to Coffee Brewing

Wish you could make a great cup of coffee at home? Take a read at the four main elements to a tasty cup: grind consistency,  time paired with grind size, the coffee to water ratio, and temperature. Grind Consistency (extraction matters) Not to be confused with grind size, we want all coffee bean particles to be as consistent as possible so they extract at the same rate. An ode to Extraction: This is the process of removing the flavors from the coffee beans with water. When you first introduce water to the coffee, you get juicy acidic notes, then comes the sweet, tasty notes (the good stuff), then the bitter flavor. The perfect cup is a fine balance of the...

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